Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

If you are a user of the Glouppi website to display your products for the purpose of selling them, then you agree to abide by the terms of use written below. Glouppi reserves the right to change any of these terms at any time in accordance with the company's interest by publishing the new terms on the website.

Glouppi is a company that specializes in displaying products on its website or application for customers who wish to sell and market these products of all kinds, Glouppi is an advertising broker that helps users interested in buying and selling to publish their products through the website and mobile applications.


The buying and selling operations takes place under the supervision of the seller and the buyer personally, and the site does not interfere in that, and the responsibility of the site is limited to the buyer directly to the owner without any intermediary, and the two parties must ensure all information and data before completing any sale or purchase transaction.

The ads displayed on the Glouppi website, the displayed images, and any other details are the responsibility of the advertiser only, and the advertiser bears full legal responsibility for these data, details and contents displayed on the website.


Glouppi reserves the right to delete any advertisement that violates the terms of use of the site or violates the laws of advertising on websites in the United Arab Emirates at any time without referring to the owner of the advertisement, and the user must abide by the rules of publishing on the site in terms of the content's suitability to the conditions of publication, and the legal conditions for publication On the websites.


In the event that you wish to sell and market through Glouppi, you are aware of all the conditions for advertising on Glouppi.